Friday, September 24, 2010

A little slice of Alemania

Just two hours west of Caracas, we arrived in Germany.  Well, kind of. Colonia Tovar was founded by German settlers in the 19th century and it shows in the Black Forest architecture, the distinctly German look of its inhabitants, the menus full of spätzle, and, frankly, its cleanliness.   Arriving in Colonia Tovar was like arriving at an oasis after traveling for too long in the desert.  Our cabaña had a balcony overlooking the terraced houses, toilets you could actually flush your toilet paper in and, more importantly, no insects or asbestos on the walls.  Basically, it felt like the first “western” place we’d stayed in for quite some time.

We spent the day wandering through stores that sold cuckoo clocks made from Black Forest wood, eating coconut cookies and drinking hot chocolate.  They must want to keep their secret safe, because I couldn’t find a single Colonia Tovar postcard in the entire town.

Our indebtedness to Aldo Tercero keeps stacking up.  Thanks for the recommendation!

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