Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A single day back across the border to Brazil and we’re reminded of so many things:

The Good                           The Bad                                           The Ugly
Fresh lime juice                    Oily food                                        Adult braces 
Espetinhos                           Hot dogs for breakfast                    Open-back shirts
Friendliness                         Waiting in line/taking turns                Cake for breakfast
Use of thumbs up                 Driving in lanes                               Butterfly tattoos
Sugarfree juice                     Turnstiles on buses                         Playboy logos 
Cheese bread                          

When we weren’t laughing that stepping over an imaginary line results in drastically different food and behaviors, we were wading through tourists to admire the Brazil-side of Iguaçu Falls.  We basically understood what all the fuss was about and took lots of waterfall pictures that all look the same.

In light of my previous posting, it was ironic when on the bus back to town, a 5-year old child boarded, confidently and without hesitation squeezed herself between my knees to balance, and then promptly fell asleep for most of the 40 minute ride.  Ha.

Oh, and thanks to Laura, the absolutely crazy (in a good way) owner of the pousada we stayed at, for advising Juan that you can either have one woman or two women which ultimately turns into zero women when one of them finds out about the other.  Wise words.

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