Monday, November 8, 2010

Outdrunk by a 68-year old lady

Fate is against me.  How is it possible after missing wine tasting in Mendoza, then getting my tolerance back up in Buenos Aires, that the second we step foot in wine country again, I get sick?  Whatever karmic thing I messed up, I’m sorry!  Please Bacchus, forgive me.

I stayed in the car while Juan and Helen visited Stellenzicht where an Afrikaans lady that spoke four languages casually (including (click)-zosa) served them pinotage, a wine varietal unique to South Africa.  Next we were off to Morgonhof and Kanonkop.  We enjoyed the old monastery feel of the former and the Murano glass display and 5-liter wine bottles at the latter.  We finished off at Chamonix Estates with a cellar tour and some wine tasting in an old blacksmiths’ shop.  Dinner at the affiliated restaurant, Mon Plaisir, was divine.  Escargot, duck confit and steamed mussels with a perfectly executed chocolate fondant.  Yum yum.  

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