Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Go, speed racer, go

Thanks to the lovely Franca, who let us leave our monstrous bags for a night at her Villa Rose Hotel, we had the requisite motivation for a one-night trip to Banfora.  About an hour and a half southwest of Bobo, this sleepy town is the gateway to some of Burkina’s most beautiful landscapes – waterfalls, weird limestone formations, sugarcane fields and more.   

Although the lovely Hôtel Canne à Sucre didn’t have a room for us, we still enjoyed one of the best meals we had in a while at their restaurant and used their contacts to find someone to rent a motorcycle from.  You didn’t know we knew how to drive motorcycles?  You would be right.  After giving Juan a five-minute lesson, Abdullah parted with his motorcycle for about US$11 – no ID necessary, no deposit, no insurance, nothing.   Remind me why it’s better to live in a litigious country?

We realized a few things on our three-hour excursion:  we are getting pretty good at asking for directions in French, it’s hard to drive a motorcycle through soft sands, and I don’t quite run fast enough for our 10-second camera timer.  

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