Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yes, we get it, your wine cellar is cooler than ours...

Just an hour by train from Bordeaux is the charming city of St. Emilion.  It’s the oldest wine-producing region in Bordeaux (the Romans planted vineyards here in the 2nd century!) and its steep cobblestone streets conceal more than 173 acres of underground catacombs and ancient wine cellars. 

Julien, the negociant at Tant qu'il y aura des Vins, spent a couple of hours walking us through the various wine appellations of Bordeaux, showing us his oldest bottle (1865…worth a cool €22,000) in his catacomb cellar and generally sharing a fraction of his immense knowledge about wine with us.  Although, next time we see him we might question his advice to drink the sediment after you finish a bottle…

We dined at L’envers du Décor where the tables and walls were made from wine boxes and borrowed a key from the Tourist Office for a self-guided tour of the Clock Tower.  Oh how we love all these countries that don’t have tens of thousands of tort and personal injury lawyers.

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