Friday, May 13, 2011

Reinforcements have arrived!

There’s nothing more important when you’re travel weary than having someone with fresh eyes around to help you appreciate once more all the interesting things happening around you. Given our present state of mind, you can imagine our relief when Danielle finally touched down in Kunming.  She made it exciting to walk through spice markets again...

...strike Asian poses for pictures...

...and laugh at weird signs (no humping the chains?).

AND, because you can’t be lazy when someone new arrives, we walked an hour to Green Lake Park where it felt a bit like we’d fallen through the rabbit hole. Old men were practicing ancient instruments, a man was writing calligraphy on the sidewalk using a huge brush dipped in water and huge groups of people were doing the Asian equivalent of a Jane Fonda workout or what Danielle likes to call the tai chi electric slide.

Couple all that with an afternoon of drinking on the terrace at Hump Hostel and we’re ready for more.

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