Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The City of Adult Braces

We felt mostly safe in Sao Paulo -- only a pack of geese tried to mug us for bread in Sao Paulo's version of Central Park. We had delicious fresh lime juice from a stall on the street (US$1 for 3 glasses), ordered espresso and cake at a cute cafe where the waitress was really nice in spite of our inability to speak Portuguese ("Eu no falo portugues" is pretty much all I can say with a shrug and a smile), and ate at a churrascaria where the waiter kindly cut the nicest slab of meat from our "bovine" to put on my plate.

We also visited the concrete barrack on red stilts known as "MASP" (the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo which houses Latin America's most comprehensive collection of western art -- free on Tuesdays, yippee!), visited a few old churches, and felt appropriately snobby drinking out of our travel wine glasses at our hostel (thanks Pete and Amy).

As a whole, however, and despite discovering some wonderful places and people, the city itself seemed overly dusty and underwhelming. As Juan puts it, "I wouldn't put up my hand to live there." A sentiment with which I agree.

Pictures available here:
Sao Paulo

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