Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wake up, it’s 10,000 o’clock

After the disappointment of Caraca, we re-routed our itinerary to visit Sao Joao del Rei and Tiradentes.  I convinced Juan on the new plan based on a vague memory that Tiradentes makes the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die.  Please don’t disillusion him of this if it turns out not to be true…

We stayed at Pouso Aconchegate (a place a Lonely Planet author clearly recommended without actually staying at) which felt much like I’d imagine staying with a belligerent, slightly senile, relative would feel like.   She’d follow us around in the few hours we weren’t out sightseeing and hound us to turn off the lights and use the bathroom “pronto”.   The beds were basically slats of wood with extraordinarily thin mattresses and every square inch of the place was covered with colorful trinkets and doilies.  We were kept up by parties right outside our window (only “one night party” we were told erroneously upon checking in) and woken up by church bells ringing a thousand times.   Basically, we saw more churches and ate more Miniera food and are sorry we don’t have more to report.

More pictures here:
Sao Joao de Rei/Tiradentes

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